Student voices and student governance are an important part of the St. Michael’s Choir School community. The Student Council helps administer the House system, which students can take part in activities designed to foster brotherhood and leadership in a setting of friendly competition - and to have fun too!

The Choir School’s four houses are named after the four founders of St. Michael’s Choir School as a tribute to their remarkable work in making this institution what it is today.

For 2016-2017, the members of the SMCS Student Council are:

A message from the 2016-2017 Student Council

The St. Michael's Choir School Student Council for 2016–2017 would like to welcome all new students. This coming year will be a wholly positive experience. Our immediate goals include starting clubs, intramural sports, and school events. In the long run, please expect to see efficient and effective communication, approachability and transparency, as well as a lasting system of continuity within the council.

As Canada’s 150th Anniversary approaches, we look forward to a spirited energetic year: it is the year the Cathedral reopens, it is the year we go to Germany, and it is the year we host fun successful events!

Join us and get involved as we bring this year to life.
The SMCS Student Council