He who sings prays twice

Upcoming Concerts and Services

Come and join us at our next event:

March 01 7:00 pm
ALCEE CHRIS, Organ Recital. St. Michael's Cathedral Basilica. St. Michael's Concerts Series
March 06 12:10 pm
ASH WEDNESDAY MASSES at 12:10 and 5:30 PM. St Michael's Cathedral Basilica
April 06 7:30 pm
THE LENTEN JOURNEY, St. Michael's Choir School Schola Cantorum, Orchestra, Conductor: Bryan Priddy. St. Michael's Cathedral Basilica.

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The Latest News

  • St. Michael's Choir School Alumni Choir prepares for trip to Israel

    News - Feb 09, 2019

    From March 12-24, both choirs will be travelling across the Holy Land to perform in sacred sites beloved of the Catholic faith.

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  • St. Michael's Concerts 2018-2019

    News - Sep 30, 2018

    Concert dates and details are now available for our upcoming concert series in collaboration with St. Michael's Cathedral Basilica.

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