School Learning Improvement Plan

Our School Learning Improvement Plan for 2018-19 focuses on boys well-being, with special emphasis being placed on building our brotherhood from 3-12 with the awareness of a caring adult and student led leadership. We look forward to engaging our boys throughout the school year in these important areas. Please CLICK HERE to view the plan.

Academic Enrichment Program

Mr. Pasquale Morra, Program Head

St. Michael Choir School ’s Academic Enrichment program offers students an opportunity to broaden their studies beyond the traditional curriculum and classroom setting. Starting in Grade 5 and continuing through to Grade 12, the program is unique in the Toronto Catholic District School Board: a continuous monitoring of extra and co-curricular progress over an eight year time frame. A curriculum allowing for the development of creative and analytical reasoning skills is first offered, in Grades 5 through 8, to those students identified as gifted. In Grades 9 through 12 the program then targets other highly motivated students as well. With the school located in the heart of downtown Toronto, both elementary and secondary students can easily take advantage of enrichment opportunities offered at some of Canada’s foremost cultural and educational institutions.

Extended Core French Program


Extended French, often called the 50/50 bilingual program, was launched in 1977 at nine TCDSB centres. There are now more than 2000 students enrolled in the 20 centres. The Extended French program is designed to teach French to non-francophone children. The point of entry is Grade 5. All Choir School students are enrolled in this program. Students study certain subjects of the curriculum in French for half of the day, and other subjects in English for the other half of the day. Subjects studied in French are similar in content to those studied in English. The Extended French program provides each student with opportunities to develop linguistic competence in the second official language as well as personal development.

The program helps students develop the four communicative skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. They are part of an integrated and balanced curriculum. As the students progress from the junior to the intermediate division, the skills will be developed gradually and naturally through the interaction of the four skill areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing.


The secondary Extended French Program, a continuation of the elementary Extended French Program (Bilingual Program), is offered at St. Michael’s Choir School. Courses offered include four French language and literature courses, one course each in Canadian History and Geography, as well as World Religions. It should be noted that upon graduation, students who have completed a minimum of seven French courses, earn the Extended French Certificate of the Toronto Catholic District School Board. At this point, they are considered to be functionally fluent in French.

For further information about the TCDSB French As a Second Language programs, please click here.