The St. Michael’s Choir School Annual Campaign: Scale Up 2017-2018

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Through the unprecedented support in our Scale Up 2016-17 Annual Fund Campaign, last year our generous donors provided $134,280.00 of enrichment! While our inaugural Scale Up 2016-17 goal was an ambitious $80,000, the outpouring of philanthropic financial support to date has been absolutely overwhelming; so much so that we have made 168% of our goal! Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all of you who have supported us in strengthening our school with your philanthropic leadership. CLICK HERE to view our 2016-2017 Donor Report.

Scale Up 2017-2018 is the cornerstone of our Annual Fund which consolidates all of our annual appeals into a single ongoing campaign. Scale Up 2017-2018 supports enriched educational opportunities, field studies, enhanced teaching and learning materials, signature projects such as Massey Hall, the 2018 Spring tour, scholarships and bursaries, and alumni initiatives.

Your gift towards Scale Up 2017-2018 helps offer an incomparable educational experience in both academics and music. The choristers of Bond Street thrive through your support as they work to become the leaders of tomorrow. 

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Please note: Charitable tax receipts are mailed in January of the subsequent year if donors' total donation for the current year is $25.00 or more.