Our Mission — The formation of Catholic men through the service of sacred music and the pursuit of knowledge.

St. Michael's Choir School creates an environment that allows each student to live the motto upon which the School was founded: bis orat qui cantat / He who sings, prays twice. Each boy will be supported and mentored as he devotes all that he is for the glory of God through the study and service of sacred music in the Cathedral, and through academic achievement.

The commitment to sacred music provides a deep sense of the beauty and joy of the Catholic spiritual tradition, which helps each student realize his calling and vocation as he matures in his faith. The Choir School also strives to unite this musical dedication with academic goals and the development of men of character who will contribute to the common good.

St. Michael's Choir School is a community that includes students, parents, friends, educators, staff, clergy, alumni, and the Toronto Catholic District School Board, united under the spiritual leadership of the Archbishop of Toronto. Upon graduation, students of St. Michael’s Choir School continue to serve the Church, the community, and the School.