For a school of only 250 pupils, St. Michael’s Choir School has a robust and busy co-curricular program. With top-ranked teams in volleyball, tennis, and swimming, and strong showings in cross-country, soccer, ultimate, flag football and more, Choir School students daily experience the benefits of sports as a part of a well-rounded education. Additionally there are many other programs beyond sport which the boys enjoy, such as Eco Club, W5H, Chess Club, Social Justice Committee and more. Our offerings have also helped our students springboard into highly competitive local and provincial leagues and we are proud to have boys who compete at the city, provincial and national levels. The value of co-curricular learning cannot be understated, as it offers an additional outlet (be it physical and/or social) for the boys’ energy. These opportunities also teach leadership and teamwork, and improve focus, and provide our students with a holistic education.