Student voices and student governance are an important part of the St. Michael’s Choir School community. The Student Council helps administer the House system, which students can take part in activities designed to foster brotherhood and leadership in a setting of friendly competition - and to have fun too!

The Choir School’s four houses are named after the four founders of St. Michael’s Choir School as a tribute to their remarkable work in making this institution what it is today.

Introducing the 2019-2020 SMCS Student Council

Co-Presidents: Christian Sforza & Gianpaolo Povolo (Armstrong Prefect)
Vice-President: Sean LeCheng Wang (Mann Prefect)
Treasurer: Daniel Cunic (Ronan Prefect)
Choral Rep: Stephen Chiu
Sports and Media Rep: Vincent Gatchalian
Grade 11 Rep: Nicholas Witowych
Grade 10 Rep: Tommy Gillespie
Grade 9 Rep: Sebastian Coia

4 Elementary Prefects:
Sebastian De Re (Mann Prefect)
Stephen Flannery (Armstrong Prefect)
Chris Park (Hopperton Prefect)
Peter Leong (Ronan Prefect)

To the SMCS Parent and Student Community:
The Student Council is an active part of our school’s culture and community. We organize events, work with administration, provide leadership and input, and represent the student voice clearly and responsibly. The student council has three primary goals: promote school spirit, promote connectivity with other schools, and promote the student perspective. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email us at

Thank you,

The SMCS Student Council 2019/20